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Last update 29.02.2024 00:04:47, Creator/Last Upload: Saiful Arena

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1Poh Yu Tian1940 57b1 16w1 12b1 6w1 4b1 3w1 2w½6,50,5637,53434,25
2Looi Xin Hao1938107w1 27b1 34w1 35b1 33w1 7w1 1b½6,50,5629,527,527,25
3Choo Ting Han1340 87w1 42b1 25w1 39b1 22w1 1b0 23b1606322925,50
4Lai Hong Jun1621 41w1 92b1 43w1 11b1 1w0 13b1 12w16063128,525,50
5Tung Jun Qian1318 26b1 73w1 19b1 7w0 16b1 29w½ 28b15,505322924,25
6Austin Weibin Cheah1321 56w1 62b1 71w1 1b0 27w1 11b1 7b½5,505312822,25
7Tan Khai Boon1972116w1101b1 13w1 5b1 14w1 2b0 6w½5,50530,529,521,25
8Alias Bin Hanafi1520 82b1 19w0 30b1 36w1 71b1 18w1 9b½5,505302722,25
9Saw Liang Kai1206 91w1100b1 14w0 55b1 15w1 33b1 8w½5,50527,525,519,75
10Tyrus Low Yi Chen1198102b1 23w½ 37b0 89w1 53b1 60w1 29b15,505252318,50
11Moganesh Sivanesan1170105w1 15b1 24b1 4w0 38b1 6w0 37b150531,529,520,00
12Choo Ting Yong1212 76w1 55b1 1w0 51b1 70w1 14b1 4b0505312818,50
13Lok Yeu Henn1217 89b1 29w1 7b0 73w1 26b1 4w0 51b15053027,518,50
14Ramesh Ramakrishnan1871122b1 36w1 9b1 18w1 7b0 12w0 25b150529,529,519,00
15Navinh Loganathan0 52b1 11w0 45b1 75w1 9b0 44w1 34w150529,526,519,00
16Chong Hui Yi1140 84w1 1b0111w1 47b1 5w0 41b1 33w150528,526,517,00
17Muaz Hakimi Bin Mohd Hilmi1259 40b1 59w1 22b0 44w1 72b1 23w0 36b150528,525,518,50
18Lai Guan Cheng1246 85w1 79b1 70w1 14b0 39w1 8b0 49w150527,524,517,00
19Chan Jing Ying1135118w1 8b1 5w0 24w0100b1 70b1 35w150525,524,515,50
20Wong Chin Yee1172117b1 22w0 41b1 26w0 58b1 73w1 40b150524,523,515,50
21Livenesh Prabaharan1149103w1 53b1 33w0 70b0 81w1 45b1 46w150523,521,516,50
22Lim Yik0 32w1 20b1 17w1 23b½ 3b0 30w1 24b½5043530,524,00
23Chee Yik Han0 77w1 10b½ 28w1 22w½ 31b1 17b1 3w050433,530,522,25
24Ong El Win1365106w1 72b1 11w0 19b1 54w1 25b½ 22w½504282618,25
25Ch'Ng Zi Yee1157108w1 38b1 3b0 58w1 37b1 24w½ 14w04,50429,527,516,00
26Chong Zun Sheng0 5w0 66b1101w1 20b1 13w0 32b½ 59b14,504292716,25
27Jeffrey Tan Ying Zheng1128121b+ 2w0 98b1 74w1 6b0 38w1 31b½4,5042926,511,75
28Wong Jia Wei0 30b½ 63w1 23b0 59w1 74b1 40w1 5w04,504292616,25
29Akbar Ali0112w1 13b0 77w1 43b1 35w1 5b½ 10w04,50427,52615,25
30Yeoh Yuan Qi1057 28w½114b1 8w0 87b1 65w1 22b0 54w14,50426,52513,75
31Chee Cheng Swin Arthus1232 58b0102w1 57b1 48w1 23w0 42b1 27w½4,504262415,75
32Ratmir Soldatikhin1141 22b0113w1 93b1 38w0 91b1 26w½ 57b14,504242212,25
33Chong Ming Ee1330 93b1 48w1 21b1 37w1 2b0 9w0 16b040432,53015,50
34Lim Howe Luong1207 90b1 88w1 2b0 46w1 40b0 48w1 15b04042926,513,50
35Ain Insyirah Binti Rosli1243120b+ 97b1 47w1 2w0 29b0 72w1 19b040428,5269,50
36Chua Siang-Zhe1136104w1 14b0 85w1 8b0 56w1 39b1 17w0404282612,50
37Yeoh Jay Sheng0 81w1 54b1 10w1 33b0 25w0 95b1 11w04042825,514,50
38Ong Chuin Tein0 44b1 25w0 79w1 32b1 11w0 27b0 72w1404282514,50
39Boay Jyn Shyuan0 63b1 60w1 74b1 3w0 18b0 36w0 71b1404282513,00
40Chuah Jia Cheng0 17w0112b1 49w1 61b1 34w1 28b0 20w040427,52613,00
41Beh Jia Ern0 4b0121w+ 20w0104b1 61w1 16w0 74b140427258,50
42Lim Chuan Benz1097 69b1 3w0 50b0 90w1 64b1 31w0 83b140426,52412,50
43Lim Dee Xuan1178113w+ 58w1 4b0 29w0 57b0100b1 53w1404262410,50
44Fahda Nur Safiyya Binti Azizi1108 38w0108b1 76w1 17b0 86w1 15b0 70w1404252311,00
45Selvaganabathi A/L R Vamadevan1081 53w0103b1 15w0105b1 47w1 21w0 78b140424,522,511,00
46Lai Jie Xin1023 47w0 84b1 64w1 34b0 96b1 75w1 21b040424,52212,00
Yeoh Chin Zhe0 46b1 95w1 35b0 16w0 45b0 92w1 73b140424,52212,00
48Agathiiyen Parthiban1096 83w1 33b0100w1 31b0 76w1 34b0 86w140423,521,511,00
49Atharvaganesh Sivanesan1135 70b0117w1 40b0 85w1 80b1 50w1 18b0404232211,00
50Leong Jin Kai0 71w0 81b1 42w1 54b0101w1 49b0 75b140422,520,512,00
51Meena Darsini A/P Ramesh1084119b1 74w0109b1 12w0 78b1 71w1 13w040422219,00
52Shahrul Nizam Bin Khairul Anuar1121 15w0105b1 55w0 76b0103w1104b1 80w140420,518,59,00
53Tang Yi Xuen0 45b1 21w0 59b½ 77w1 10w0 65b1 43b03,503282512,25
54Siah Chee Hwa1145 80b1 37w0 88b1 50w1 24b0 57w½ 30b03,503272411,75
55Harisuthan Ganapathy0 96b1 12w0 52b1 9w0 75b0 63w½ 93b13,5032623,510,75
56Chin Tian Kuan0 6b0 69w1 75b0 63w1 36b0 77w1 60b½3,503262311,75
57Alya Marissa Binti Alias0 1w0104b1 31w0118b1 43w1 54b½ 32w03,50325,524,58,75
58Eamonn Tee Yuan Khai0 31w1 43b0 92w1 25b0 20w0101b1 61w½3,50325,523,510,75
59Belle Tan Liang Yi1060 66w1 17b0 53w½ 28b0112w1 89b1 26w03,5032523,59,25
60Lyon Tan1234 98w1 39b0106w1 72b0 79w1 10b0 56w½3,50323,521,59,25
61Kugharuban A/L R Vamadevan1165 67b1 70w0 82b1 40w0 41b0 94w1 58b½3,5032320,510,75
62Chuah Qi Feng1092 86b1 6w0 80b0 91w0 67b1 90w½ 94b13,50322,52010,25
63Dylan Oo Zhi Han1376 39w0 28b0108w1 56b0105w1 55b½ 89w13,50322208,25
64Teoh Sow Hao0 79w0120b+ 46b0106b1 42w0 87b1 68w½3,50322206,75
65Justin Teoh Jun Yi1367 88b0 89w½ 94b1 78w1 30b0 53w0 90b13,50321,5199,25
66Thomas Schmidt0 59b0 26w0113b1 82w1 73b0 93w½ 96b13,50321198,25
67Lee Hui Ying0 61w0 68b1 72w0 97b½ 62w0111b1 95w13,50320,518,59,25
68Wong Chin Ying1057 78b0 67w0 84b1100w0102b1109w1 64b½3,50318,516,58,75
69Poh Yu Xuan0 42w0 56b0116w0113b1111w½ 98b1 97w13,50317,516,57,50
70Megat Muhammad Irfan Bin Megat Zaina0 49w1 61b1 18b0 21w1 12b0 19w0 44b030331,52812,50
71Aaryan Haris Bin Syed Hussain1156 50b1 78w1 6b0 80w1 8w0 51b0 39w0303292610,00
72Chan Teck Haw1101 94b1 24w0 67b1 60w1 17w0 35b0 38b03032724,59,50
73Jhaidev Prabakaran1087 99w1 5b0118w1 13b0 66w1 20b0 47w030326,525,57,00
74Eng Aik Guan1311111w1 51b1 39w0 27b0 28w0 76b1 41w030325239,00
75Lai Yong Hao1141100w0 91b1 56w1 15b0 55w1 46b0 50w030324,522,59,50
76Harvinash Reddy A/L Satish Kumar0 12b0 96w1 44b0 52w1 48b0 74w0101w130324,522,58,50
77Chin Tian Wei1348 23b0 90w1 29b0 53b0108w1 56b0 91w130323,521,57,00
78Wee Yi Cheng0 68w1 71b0 97w1 65b0 51w0106b1 45w030322,520,58,00
79Lim Cin Er1068 64b1 18w0 38b0102w1 60b0 80w0103b130322,520,57,50
80Liang Wei Xuan0 54w0116b1 62w1 71b0 49w0 79b1 52b030322217,50
81Chuah Ru Ming1011 37b0 50w0110b1109w1 21b0 83w0102b130322206,00
82Beh Jia Yue0 8w0 83b1 61w0 66b0104w0112b1100w13032119,56,50
83Sahrvikkaa A/P Gobinathan0 48b0 82w0 90b0117w1 85b1 81b1 42w030320,519,57,00
84Lok Yun Zenn0 16b0 46w0 68w0 99b0107w1116b1106w130320195,00
85Chuah Kai Yang0 18b0119w1 36b0 49b0 83w0118w1110b130320194,00
86Sastika A/P Gobinathan0 62w0111b0107w1116b1 44b0 88w1 48b030319,518,56,00
87Chew Tzi Joe0 3b0 94w½ 95b1 30w0 88b½ 64w0109b130223,521,57,25
88Boay Jyn Waynne0 65w1 34b0 54w0112b½ 87w½ 86b0104w130220,5197,75
89Harivaarshan Ganapathy0 13w0 65b½114w1 10b0 92w1 59w0 63b02,5022523,55,75
90Heah Chien Wei0 34w0 77b0 83w1 42b0 99w1 62b½ 65w02,50223,5217,25
91Henry Chin Pi Hang0 9b0 75w0119b1 62b1 32w0 96w½ 77b02,50223225,75
92Tan Zhi Xuan1113110b1 4w0 58b0 98w½ 89b0 47b0112w12,5022220,54,75
93Chia Chern Jin0 33w0 99b1 32w0101b0110w1 66b½ 55w02,50222206,25
94Poh Yu Long0 72w0 87b½ 65w0114b1 97w1 61b0 62w02,50220,5195,50
95Tanishkka A/P Mohankumar1101114w½ 47b0 87w0107b1 98w1 37w0 67b02,50220,5195,25
96Connie Lee1228 55w0 76b0103w1111b1 46w0 91b½ 66w02,50220,518,55,25
97Lee Yik Him1054115b1 35w0 78b0 67w½ 94b0114w1 69b02,5021917,54,75
98Diviya Dharshini Pusparau0 60b0115w1 27w0 92b½ 95b0 69w0114b12,5021917,54,25
99Tan Fang Ying0 73b0 93w0102b0 84w1 90b0117w1111b½2,50216155,00
100Liang Zi Xuan0 75b1 9w0 48b0 68b1 19w0 43w0 82b020227,524,56,50
101Low Hao Wei1139109b1 7w0 26b0 93w1 50b0 58w0 76b020225234,50
102Jason Lim Zi Shan0 10w0 31b0 99w1 79b0 68w0108b1 81w020224224,50
103Leong Yi Ze0 21b0 45w0 96b0115w1 52b0113w1 79w02022220,53,00
104Mah Nok Xii0 36b0 57w0122b1 41w0 82b1 52w0 88b020221213,00
105Lee Hui Xi0 11b0 52w0115b1 45w0 63b0110w0116w120221202,50
106Caleb Por Eu Jen0 24b0110w1 60b0 64w0118b1 78w0 84b020220,519,53,00
107Amaresh Saimar Vinotkumar0 2b0109w0 86b0 95w0 84b0119w1118b120219182,00
Lee Jia Zun0 25b0 44w0 63b0119w1 77b0102w0117b120219182,00
109Lucas Lee Xuan Le0101w0107b1 51w0 81b0116w1 68b0 87w020218,517,53,00
110Ng Rui Kang0 92w0106b0 81w0122w1 93b0105b1 85w020215152,00
111Choo Yuan Hao0 74b0 86w1 16b0 96w0 69b½ 67w0 99w½2012320,56,00
112Yeoh Yuan Hao0 29b0 40w0117b1 88w½ 59b0 82w0 92b01,50121,520,52,50
113Khaw Zhan Pin0 43b- 32b0 66w0 69w0119b1103b0115w½1,50120191,75
114Poh Yu Qing0 95b½ 30w0 89b0 94w0122b1 97b0 98w01,50117171,25
115Wong Wen Hui0 97w0 98b0105w0103b0117b0122w1113b½1,50112120,75
116Alan Lee Zi Wei0 7b0 80w0 69b1 86w0109b0 84w0105b010122203,50
117Koh Qiao Ying0 20w0 49b0112w0 83b0115w1 99b0108w010119,5181,50
118Mohamad Azfar Bin Mohamad Azlan0 19b0122w1 73b0 57w0106w0 85b0107w010118,518,50,00
119Tan Min Hao0 51w0 85b0 91w0108b0113w0107b0122b110115,515,50,00
120Devarshan Saravanan0 35w- 64w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -000017,516,50,00
Moshiken Saravanan0 27w- 41b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -000017,516,50,00
122Amuthiynee Parthiban0 14w0118b0104w0110b0114w0115b0119w000014130,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break4: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break5: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable