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18th Tamil Nadu IM Norm Closed Circuit Chess Tournament - Pollachi # AICF Event Code - 352360/TN/2023, 13 - 18 Feb 2024

Last update 18.02.2024 09:24:52, Creator/Last Upload: scsbadal

Starting rank list of players

1IMShyaamnikhil, P5024218IND2412
10IMSitnikov, Anton14111110UKR2362
3IMSai Agni Jeevitesh, J5070147IND2309
6IMBuscara, Sevan650234FRA2256
8FMWagh, Suyog25071688IND2243
2IMGochelashvili, David4161203RUS2225
7WIMBommini, Mounika Akshaya25019872IND2167
4Ajay, Santhosh Parvathareddy25998676IND2148
5Aakash, G25644394IND2117
9IMTouzane, Olivier602906FRA2084