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1st David Jenkins Memorial Cup

Last update 10.02.2024 21:57:43, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Nunn, John Dm400017ENG2561Bude
2Talab, Rami7609787SYR2150Cornwall Cca
3Menadue, Jeremy Fs404349ENG2123Carrick
4Nunn, Petra405809ENG1948Bude
5George, Ian M407593ENG1882Camborne
6Retallick, Lloyd412376ENG1850Newquay
7Jenkins, David JENG1805Camborne
8Gill, Percy TpENG1802Camborne
9Rothery, CliveENG1801Cornwall Cca
10Kirkman, Nigel JENG1778Calstock
11Pemberton, DavidENG1768Calstock
12Hill, MichaelENG1762Calstock
13Murray, Ian RENG1587Newquay
14Richards, Maurice AENG1572Bude
15Beach, AndrewENG1569Newquay
16Macphail, Kieran495379ENG1550Liskeard
17Constable, Christine F415847ENG1531Bude
18Nicholls, SamuelENG1500Liskeard
19Fern, AjnaENG1483Lerryn
20Young, AndyENG1410Calstock
21James, PhilENG1330Lerryn
22Jones, AshleyENG1246Camborne
23Medhurst, ReubenENG1197Bude
24Piar, JurajENG1129Newquay
25Dyer, RobENG1000Newquay
26Jefferson-Coode, ThomasENG1000Camborne
27Ongley, Kieran MENG992Bude
28Anjari, TaherENG800Cornwall
29Dyer, EllaENG800Newquay
30Liang, BaoyeENG800Camborne
31Radzik, JakubENG800Cornwall
32Soper, EthanENG800Cornwall
33Talab, HudaENG800Cornwall
34Talab, KamarENG800Cornwall
35Wise, AnnabelENG800Newquay