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Alekhine Memorial FIDE Rating Rapid Chess Tournament -(339719/KAR(R)/2023) 3-4 Feb 2024 at Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education, Bangalore

Last update 04.02.2024 12:55:43, Creator/Last Upload: Vasanth BH

Player overview for USA

23Vaidyanathan Kannan1599USA111011011715

Results of the last round for USA

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91323Vaidyanathan Kannan15996 1 - 06 Mukhund A144535

Player details for USA

Vaidyanathan Kannan 1599 USA Rp:1622 Pts. 7
1169Arjun Shrivastava0IND5s 1
2107Guhan Pannerkumar1098IND2w 1
372Akriti Tripathy1198IND6s 1
44Hirthickkesh Pr2041IND7w 0
574ACMShobhit Agilarasan1194IND6s 1
656Nithinpal1274IND6w 1
75Anadkat Kartavya2027IND7,5w 0
844Thirunarayanan Sampath Kumar1342IND5,5s 1
935Mukhund A1445IND6w 1