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Polufinale pojedinačnog prvenstva Srbije 2024 - ZENE

Last update 11.02.2024 14:05:19, Creator/Last Upload: SRB Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

5WFMVujovic, Vera9204401SRB2123
8WIMSrdanovic, Jovana954810SRB2107
4WFMBukhteeva, Viktoria4192907SRB2070
9Grozdanovic, Anastasia979996SRB2051
1Jovanovic, Anja972991SRB1910
6Stankovic, Andrea9202522SRB1763
7Tadic, Ana973610SRB1746
3Radenkovic, Mila979953SRB1741
2Milicevic, Dunja993085SRB1432