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Last update 15.02.2024 18:05:56, Creator/Last Upload: De Pluspion Wachtebeke

Starting rank list of players

10GMLeenhouts, Koen1008439NED2432
3IMMilliet, Sophie623725FRA2392
6IMMatnadze Bujiashvili, Ann13601377ESP2362
5FMDe Waele, Warre241156BEL2345
2FMGloeckler, Christian34608966GER2312
8Victor, Julian257257BEL2289
9FMOchs, Daniel Elias16226160GER2287
1FMHauchamps, Maxime264865BEL2262
7FMDobrikov, Marco12950378GER2248
4Van Cappellen, Jonas263796BEL2212