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1st Bangalore International Grandmasters Open FIDE Rated Blitz Chess Tournament Prize Fund : Rs. 4,00,000/- AICF EVENT CODE: 350921/KAR(B)/2023

Last update 31.01.2024 13:43:47, Creator/Last Upload: Vasanth BH

Player overview for VIE

18GMNguyen Van Huy2358VIE110111½106,542
52GMNguyen Duc Hoa2195VIE11101½11½718
98WIMNguyen Thanh Thuy Tien1888VIE111½000115,5109

Results of the last round for VIE

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
9718GMNguyen Van Huy2358 0 - 1 GMRoy Chowdhury Saptarshi228934
91026GMThejkumar M. S.2312 ½ - ½ GMNguyen Duc Hoa219552
98198WIMNguyen Thanh Thuy Tien1888 1 - 0 AIMAditya Prasad1478179

Player details for VIE

GM Nguyen Van Huy 2358 VIE Rp:2073 Pts. 6,5
1255Aarav Das1306IND5w 1
2146AFMSureka Akshat1613IND5s 1
4121Bindumadhavan Krishnaprasad1751IND5,5s 1
5107FMAdireddy Arjun1831IND6w 1
674Anilkumar O.T.2006IND5s 1
745FMYashas D.2221IND6w ½
848IMPanda Sambit2216IND5,5s 1
934GMRoy Chowdhury Saptarshi2289IND7,5w 0
GM Nguyen Duc Hoa 2195 VIE Rp:1987 Pts. 7
1289Arun Narayan1209IND4w 1
2186Medhvansh Madeti1468IND5s 1
3204Arushi Severin Helen D Silva1428IND5w 1
45GMStany G.A.2478IND8s 0
5146AFMSureka Akshat1613IND5w 1
6190AFMNaveen Kumar P1457IND5,5s ½
7140Afreed T Khan1645IND5,5w 1
831IMSammed Jaykumar Shete2296IND6,5s 1
926GMThejkumar M. S.2312IND7s ½
WIM Nguyen Thanh Thuy Tien 1888 VIE Rp:1746 Pts. 5,5
1333ACMAadwik Abhinav Krishna1131IND4w 1
2245Avyan Shah1325IND4s 1
323IMSrihari L R2338IND7w 1
430GMTeterev Vitaly2299BLR7w ½
526GMThejkumar M. S.2312IND7s 0
6130Reyan Md.1676IND5,5s 0
7201AFMGorli Nyna1432IND5w 0
8447Saket Sharma0IND4s 1
9179AIMAditya Prasad1478IND4,5w 1