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2nd Aberystwyth Rapidplay

Last update 17.02.2024 18:35:07, Creator/Last Upload: HMarriott

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Starting rank

1Salmons, Calum437280ENG2132
2AGMVan Kemenade, Rudy410942WLS2057
3Ortiz Sanchez, Luis24581160WLS2014
4Bastow, Mark A1804987WLS1889
5Tuson, Jon1807552WLS1818
6Hardman, Daniel450910ENG1768
7Van Kemenade, Julie402796WLS1729
8Holman, Sam1804766WLS1665
9Windows, Peter Joseph1807323WLS1662
10Fenwick, Hugh F408387ENG1636
11Zurek, Filip343415423ENG1562
12Bates, Toby489832ENG1437
13Sweeney, Shane457760ENG1334
14Roden, ScottWLS1114
15Bourne, Patrick1805967WLS1107
16Holder, Astra343426530ENG1027
17Tuson, Bronwen1807544WLS1018
18Pritchard, RebeccaWLS0
19Scordino, SunnyWLS0
20Smith, ChristianWLS1170