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First Saturday Nadassy Schev. December 2023

Last update 13.12.2023 16:10:11, Creator/Last Upload: Sahovski Savez Vojvodine

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. B Team Lower Elo (RtgAvg:1953, TB1: 27,5 / TB2: 14)
1Aditya Kunal Patil1982IND25656716½01½1½11117,510199140104
2Vedant Mistry1871IND25733559000½½110½14,51019914039,2
3FMFodre Sandor1889HUN70268400½11½001½4,51019912015,2
4Poor Sandor1938HUN7034601½1½½00½0151019912012,8
5Manukonda Arun2085IND508078910½0011½11610199120-3,6
  2. A Team Higher Elo (RtgAvg:1991, TB1: 22,5 / TB2: 6)
1IMFarago Sandor2036HUN701190½1½½1½0110610195310-1,2
2FMHradeczky Tamas1810HUN7014671101001½004,51019532026,8
3Ladanyi Tibor2006HUN7085851½½½½½1½00510195320-14
4FMVarga Csaba Zoltan2201HUN724335010½0100½½3,510195310-45
5Bodrogi Laszlo1900HUN7076000110½001003,510195320-16,4