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Entry Contact IM/FT Akshat Khamparia Organising Secretary,website-mpchessinTotal Prize Fund Rs. 21,00,000/
for Entry,

2nd Indore International Grandmaster Chess Tournament 2024 - GM Open

Last update 16.01.2024 11:00:34, Creator/Last Upload: MP Chess

Player overview for BAN

53FMManon Reja Neer2169BAN01½1½½1½1063040-3,60GM Open

Results of the last round for BAN

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtg No.
FMManon Reja NeerU19BAN21696 0 - 16 IMTahbaz ArashIRI2425

Player details for BAN

FM Manon Reja Neer 2169 BAN Rp:2127 Pts. 6
1118Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1739IND6s 040-36,80
296Nirnay Garg1894IND4w 1406,80
3106Mukund Hemant Agarwal1852IND6s ½40-14,80
490Ankit Ray1912IND4,5w 1407,20
526Sahoo Utkal Ranjan2316IND7s ½408,00
688Majumder Shrayan1916IND5,5w ½40-12,40
7122Bapat Aniket1698IND5,5s 1403,20
812IMViani Antonio Dcunha2407IND6w ½4012,00
914IMRitviz Parab2391IND6s 14031,20
107IMTahbaz Arash2425IRI7w 040-7,60