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Yorkshire Rapidplay 2023 - Minor

Last update 26.11.2023 18:00:39, Creator/Last Upload: Huddersfield Chess (Nigel Hepworth)

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Starting rank

1Ana Williams
2Ben Barton
3Bernie T Hare
4W (Bill) Ward
5Ryan Martin
6Jacob Smith
7James Ward
8Toby Quaite
9Phillip J Shaughnessy
10Jesse Baggett-Lahav
11Piotr Stachowiak
12Dominic Lodge
13Christopher Patrick
14Pietro Convalle
15Michael Smalley
16Luis Virgos Matilla
17Abakr Essa
18Anant Handa
19Bilal Khaleel
20Peter Galloway
21George Tagg
22Siyuan Ou
23Siyao Ou
24Jeffrey A Boothman
25Steve Gledhill
26Jonah Tomsett
27Skylar Clark
28Connor Fairfield
29Andy Langhamer
30Dylan Jones
31Koby Dickson
32Jakub Augustyniak
33Andre Chicrala
34Howard Graham
35Neil Horisk
36Alfie Robinson
37Ian D Strickland
38Colin Weller