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Yorkshire Rapidplay 2023 - Inter

Last update 26.11.2023 17:58:56, Creator/Last Upload: Huddersfield Chess (Nigel Hepworth)

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Starting rank

1Harris Tariq
2Stephen Firth
3Randolph E Donahue
4Geoff Conroy
5Kam Wa Siu
6Siefaldin A Holi
7Ben Strutt
8Kevin Winter
9David L Pedro
10Bien Cuaresma
11Michael I Connor
12Daniel Langhamer
13Bruno Alexandre Dos Santos Silva
14Angel Monterde
15Thomas Rampling
16George D Boothman
17Nathan Madzia
18John Grasham
19Gary P Fairclough
20Jonathon Day
21Preesh Gandhi
22Andeel Mohammed
23Krish Gandhi
24Walter Gunder
25Oliver Christophers
26Yehor Lysiuchenko