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Curacao National Open Championship 2023

Last update 03.12.2023 22:54:51, Creator/Last Upload: Denzil Philips

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Starting rank

1FMBemmelen Van, Ursus7501013AHO2142
2FMBlijstra, Willem1018000AHO2067
3Cuellar, Oscar7500327AHO2013
4FMCapella, Rurik7501005AHO1967
5Van Opstal, Rurik7502621AHO1900
6Gallardo Rodriguez, Luis7502591AHO1882
7Roose, Alex7500246AHO1817
8Van Delden, Johan7502206AHO1790
9Albregtse, Tjerk1061143AHO1674
10Capella, Gregory7500211AHO1666
11Hodgson, Norman7500033AHO1623
12Hollaar, Ernst7502109AHO1578
13Martinez Gallardo, Kennard7501862AHO1525
14Jansen, Romer7502559AHO1497
15Berkenveld, Paulus7502583AHO1470
16AFMBedi, Vaibhav7501900AHO1467
17Balani, Amrit7502770AHO0
18Litjes, Nika7502761AHO0
19Litjes, Noa7502753AHO0