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Cornwall Open Rapidplay 18 Nov 23

Last update 18.11.2023 21:40:48, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1George, Ian M407593ENG1970Cornwall Cca
2Thynne, Trefor F419893ENG1876Newton Abbot
3Retallick, Lloyd412376ENG1851Newquay
4Gill, Percy TpENG1811Camborne & Redruth
5Trudeau, GaryENG1806Liskeard
6Hill, MichaelENG1774Calstock
7Kirkman, Nigel JENG1760Calstock
8Jenkins, David JENG1732Camborne & Redruth
9Pemberton, DavidENG1600Calstock
10Rothery, CliveENG1600Cornwall Cca
11Constable, Christine F415847ENG1595Bude
12Richards, Maurice AENG1575Bude
13Macphail, Kieran495379ENG1521Liskeard
14Fern, AjnaENG1518Lerryn
15Beach, AndrewENG1474Newquay
16Russell, LloydENG1181Bude
17Medhurst, ReubenENG1000Bude
18Ongley, Kieran MENG976Bude