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2023 GCT Sinquefield Cup

Last update 01.12.2023 00:31:18, Creator/Last Upload: ctservices

Starting rank list of players

2GMCaruana, Fabiano2020009USA2795
5GMFirouzja, Alireza12573981FRA2777
3GMNepomniachtchi, Ian4168119FID2771
7GMGiri, Anish24116068NED2752
6GMSo, Wesley5202213USA2752
8GMRapport, Richard738590ROU2748
9GMDominguez Perez, Leinier3503240USA2745
10GMVachier-Lagrave, Maxime623539FRA2734
4GMDuda, Jan-Krzysztof1170546POL2731
1GMAronian, Levon13300474USA2727