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3rd Tamil Nadu IM Norm Closed Circuit Chess Tournament 2023 AICF Event Code: 340204/TN/2023 - 30th Oct - 4th Nov 2023

Last update 04.12.2023 08:59:17, Creator/Last Upload: Vasanth BH

Starting rank list of players

6IMMurugan, Krishnamoorthy5000041IND2355
8FMHarsh, Suresh45018464IND2336
9FMSekar, B5043743IND2333
2IMAbdyzhapar, Asylbek13800337KGZ2314
10FMSenthil, Maran K25035681IND2298
4IMGochelashvili, David4161203RUS2277
1WFMAllahverdiyeva, Ayan13412590AZE2198
3WIMSharma, Isha35006665IND2191
7CMAdireddy, Arjun25647709IND2155
5GMZiatdinov, Raset2015323USA2081