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Open Rapid 21- 10-2023 by A.C.C. ΠΑΡΑΒΟΛΟ : 5 ΕΥΡΩ

Last update 21.10.2023 19:55:18, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Bourdakis, Stavros4210980GRE1643
2Antoniadis, Anastasios42142466GRE1571
3Batzilis, Dimitrios42160510GRE1556
4Dedemadis, Charilaos25822349GRE1446
5Kokalas, Paschalis42142571GRE1439
6Sergentakis, Ioannis42160600GRE1438
7Fragkos, Konstantinos4205286GRE1424
8Gypari, Alexandra42147760GRE1417
9Kyparidis, Samouil25830759GRE1372
10Grammatikopoulos, Alexandros42166802GRE1337
11Mantousis, Evangelos25843320GRE1307
12Tas, Nikolaos42161959GRE1151
13Karadimas, Christos42174295GRE1145
14Fanaras, konstantinosGRE0
15McPhee, MichaelGRE0