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Mobile phones, electronic devices and all type of wrist watches are prohibited inside playing area.

1st Bangalore International Grandmasters Open Chess Tournament-2024 (Category 'A')

Last update 26.01.2024 12:15:27, Creator/Last Upload: CHESSGK

Player overview for BLR

19GMFedorov Alexei2457BLR111½½½0½½½640CATEGORY A
71GMTeterev Vitaly2288BLR10½01101½0590CATEGORY A

Results of the last round for BLR

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMRatnakaran K.2256 ½ - ½ GMFedorov Alexei2457
Vrashank Chouhan20465 1 - 05 GMTeterev Vitaly2288

Player details for BLR

GM Fedorov Alexei 2457 BLR Rp:2362 Pts. 6
1124CMNagare Kaivalya Sandip2095IND5w 1
286Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy2204IND5,5s 1
368Omidi Arya2301IRI6w 1
423IMNitish Belurkar2435IND7s ½
588Dere Pushkar2191IND6,5w ½
640IMAudi Ameya2385IND6,5s ½
760GMNeelotpal Das2329IND7,5w 0
850GMNguyen Van Huy2364VIE6s ½
956GMLaxman R.R.2338IND5,5w ½
1079IMRatnakaran K.2256IND6s ½
GM Teterev Vitaly 2288 BLR Rp:2118 Pts. 5
1176Sharsha Backer1935IND3,5w 1
212GMMitrabha Guha2504IND8s 0
3156AFMChoubey Saurabh1991IND4w ½
4164Kumar Gaurav1953IND5,5s 0
5148Aarav Sarbalia2022IND5w 1
6130WIMPriyanka K2068IND5,5s 1
78GMFawzy Adham2522EGY6,5w 0
8145AIMAbhay Bandewar2025IND5s 1
9120CMJohn Veny Akkarakaran2112IND5,5w ½
10138Vrashank Chouhan2046IND6s 0