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Hong Kong Junior Rapid and Inter-School Chess Championships 2023 Secondary

Last update 14.10.2023 10:44:48, Creator/Last Upload: Hong Kong Chess Federation

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Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
136Jin, EricHKGHong Kong International School6,5031624,5
220Chiu, ZionHKGChinese International School6,5027627
337Kao, JamisonHKGHong Kong International School6129,5625
416Cheng, Tsz InHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong6027,5624
585Wu, MatthewHKGHong Kong International School5,5029521,5
623Fan, Xu KevinHKGLa Salle College5,5028,5526
711Chan, Wang Ip BorisHKGSt. Joseph's College5,5027,5523,5
814Chen, VincentHKGChinese International School5028,5523
939Lai, Chun KitHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong5027419
1010Chan, Pui Yin BrandonHKGKing George V5026521
1156Lu, SeasonHKGSt. Joseph's College5026420
1247Leong, Yat AnsonHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong5025521
1377Wong, Brendan Gwun YinHKGLa Salle College5024521
1453Lo, Jason Jun-sanHKGLa Salle College5024519
1552Lo, ChrisHKGSt. Joseph's College5021519
1695Cheng, Chin Chong BrianHKGLa Salle College5018517
175Cao, EthanHKGHong Kong International School4,5027,5421,5
1842Lau, JaidenHKGHong Kong International School4,5027420,5
199Chan, Mikail Nur AzmirHKGSt Margaret's Co-ed English School4,5025419
2041Lau, ChloewHKGSouth Island School4,5024,5420,5
2174Thai, KlemensHKGSt Margaret's Co-ed English School4,5024,5415,5
2265Sharma, Harsh Devesh KumarHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College4,5023,5417
2355Lu, NoahHKGHong Kong International School4,5021415,5
2419Chiu, Pak HeiHKGSt. Joseph's College4026,5422
2543Lau, KaidenHKGHong Kong International School4026,5420
2680Wong, Ngo AthanHKGCreative Secondary School4026,5415
2783Wong, Yin Shun AdrianHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong4025319
2894Cheung, Shiu MingHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College4024,5417
2929Ho, LoktonHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong4024418
3059Mariprasath Sivasankari, AswinHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College4024415
3167Sugumar, Pranav Ragavan SanjayHKGDSC International School4023,5418
3215Wei, Cheng JinHKGShatin College4023418
3375To, GlennHKGThe ISF Academy4022415
3430Ho, MaxtonHKGHong Kong International School4022414
3554Lo, StephaniewHKGSt. Paul's Convent School4022316
3645Lee, GerardHKGShatin College4021412
3751Liu, Yik YungHKGLa Salle College4020,5414
3888Yiu, Ki ChiHKGKwun Tong Maryknoll College4020,5313
3990Zhang, Byron XiaoshanHKGChinese International School4020315
4035Jain, Divyansh VaiBhavHKGKing George V4019414
4117Cheung, KayHKGSt Margaret's Co-ed English School4018,5312
428Chan, Chong HinHKGShatin College4018414
4331Hsieh, DennisHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College4017412
4486Wu, Pok LaiHKGLa Salle College3,5027313,5
452Ah Chong, LeoniewHKGSt. Paul's Co-educational College3,5026,5317
4644Lee, Chu Yuan FelixHKGShatin College3,5025,5318
4724Fung, JacobHKGKing George V3,5024,5317,5
4825Fung, JonasHKGPo Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School3,5019314,5
4960Membrey, KaydynHKGSt Margaret's Co-ed English School3,5018,5310
5057Lui, Jun YinHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong3026316
5169Tan, Charles Chiu LimHKGShatin College3025,5314
523Butani, KhrishHKGKing George V3025,5310
5384Wu, DavidHKGHong Kong International School3025,5216
5463Qian, RyanHKGESF Island School3024,5213,5
5581Wong, Tin Yeung DanielHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong3023,5314
5691Zhu, NathanielHKGChinese International School3023211
5771Tang, JustinHKGRenaissance College3022,5314
5866So, Ethan Pak ChungHKGShatin College3022,5313
5927Ho, Ka Hin AlecHKGWah Yan College Hong Kong3022,5212
6070Tang, JeromyHKGPo Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School3021,5312
6189Zhang, AichengHKGCognitio College3021315
627Chan, Adrian Ka ChunHKGRenaissance College3020,5310
6312Chang, Lok YiHKGHKUGA College3020214,5
6473Teow, AydenHKGKing George V3020211
6513Chaudhuri, AayushHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College3019,5211
664Butani, RishiHKGKing George V301939
6718Chin, WillHKGPo Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School3017,536
6821Chui, KyleHKGHong Kong International School3016,5311
691Agarwal, Amartya ShivHKGESF Island School2,5023,5214
7087Xu, AnlanHKGRenaissance College2,5019,5211,5
7122Dong, BuqiHKGChinese International School2,5018210
7248Li, WilsonHKGChinese International School2,5016,529,5
7340Lam, JanHKGESF Island School2,5015,525
7498Chow, ClaytonHKGPo Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School2022,528
7564Roy, UshnikHKGDiscovery College202229
7650Liu, Isaiah Tsz YeukHKGShatin College202128
7782Wong, Wai JinHKGWest Island School2020,528
7838Khatuwala, RaghavHKGKing George V2020212
7979Wong, Kai Yiu AnsonHKGYing Wa College2018,5211
8062Pong, MatthiasHKGHong Kong International School201825
8132Hung, AnsonHKGKing George V2017,527
8258Mak, MichaelHKGShatin College1,5021,515,5
8361On, BrendanHKGKing George V1,501918
8472Teoh, JaydenHKGESF Island School102103,5
8576Wang, HenryHKGKing George V101806
866Cha, HankHKGESF Island School0,5018,502,5
8746Lee, LucitawHKGKing George V0019,500
8828Ho, KyleHKGDiscovery College001700
8926Go, TsyonHKGESF Island School0016,500
33Hung, GordonHKGDiocesan Boys School0016,500
34Ip, HugoHKGISF Academy0016,500
49Liang, XiyuanHKGYew Chung International School0016,500
68Sum, Yung HoHKGStewards Pooi Kei College0016,500
78Wong, Chun HeiHKGYing Wa College0016,500
92Chak, Cheuk Lam TylerHKGLa Salle Primary School0016,500
93Rangwala, AarefawHKGYMCA Hong Kong Christian College0016,500
96Leung, Lok Shan JulienHKGKing George V0016,500
97Wilson, OliverHKGHome School0016,500

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break4: Fide Tie-Break