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Derbyshire Congress Open

Last update 24.09.2023 18:45:58, Creator/Last Upload: John S Shaw

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Starting rank

1GMHebden, Mark L400084ENG2504
2Okhai, Shabir445134ENG2215
3Potter, John M406260ENG2190
4Burrows, Martin P409057ENG2154
5FMBarnes, Michael H404128ENG2150
6Nawalaniec, Adam21023786POL2142
7Ackley, Peter414824ENG2113
8Mikalajunas, Kajus483621ENG2109
9Gilmore, Simon N408719ENG2106
10Hadi, Justin409154ENG2104
11James, Russell A407070ENG2103
12Underwood, Jonathan Wr425877ENG2102
13Mason, Donald J405116ENG2095
14Tompson, John C409480ENG2067
15Biermann, Florian2812630ISR2059
16Rida, Ruqayyah343272375ENG2049
17Sullivan, Daniel Js433934ENG2044
18Turner, Lewis A412600ENG2023
19Green, Michael437514ENG2017
20Cast, Julian473928ENG2011
21Parry, Samuel A460397ENG1999
22Papoutsis, VasileiosENG1990
23Davies, Peter L1801171WLS1963
24Fewell, Ewan481041ENG1960
25Benzaira, Sammy454818ENG1954
26Wastney, Dylan343112498ENG1934
27Vaidyanathan, Adithya495450ENG1907
28Sanada, Tetsuaki7005903JPN1901
29Gulijevs, Eldars343403204ENG1857
30Srivastava, Aditya496154SCO1654