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UAE Individual Chess Championship Women 2023.

Last update 21.09.2023 18:20:59, Creator/Last Upload: UAE Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

1WFMAl Maamari, Wafia Darwish9305734UAE1891Al Ain
2Alia, Khaled9321870UAE1539Dubai Club for people of Determination
3WCMBashaer, Khalil9304843UAE1512Dubai
4Al-Shamsi, Ousha9307559UAE1455Abu Dhabi
5Anoud, Eisa Bashkardi9323996UAE1434Sharjah
6Haneen, Gamal Amin9319506UAE1179Dubai
7Zainab, Muhammed Khalid9321764UAE1148Dubai
8Jawaher, Khalil9304932UAE1084Dubai
9Al Ali, Fatima Suiltan9307931UAE0Dubai Club for people of Determination
10Unood, Aziz9309853UAE0Dubai Club for people of Determination