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Deep Blue Open 2023 Advanced

Last update 16.09.2023 15:55:43, Creator/Last Upload: Kaden Muller

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Starting rank

1Klaassens, JermaineRSA978
2Love, CelineRSA932
3Wehr, CorbinRSA824
4Meyer, DewanioRSA801
5Siebritz, NoelleRSA800
6Ellman, AndriesRSA723
7Conradie, QuewinRSA693
8Stoffberg, MikaeelRSA643
9Love, TayriqueRSA632
10Tieling, DenilhioRSA615
11Adams, ChrystalRSA612
12Hess, CalebRSA557
13Sterkse, AngeliqueRSA0
14Maarman, LucianoRSA771