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Last update 17.09.2023 07:39:45, Creator/Last Upload: Vietnamchess

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1CMDau Khuong DuyHNO 30w1 12b1 19w½ 3b0 17w1 6b½ 14w1 5b1 11w17033,54664
2GMTran Tuan MinhHNO 23b1 18w1 13b1 5w0 14w1 3b1 6w½ 7b1 4b06,5036,549,565
3IMPham ChuongHCM 28b1 25w1 20b1 1w1 5b½ 2w0 7b½ 12w1 6b½6,5036,549,555
4FMHoang Canh HuanDAN 31w1 17b½ 8w½ 12b½ 10w½ 9b1 19w1 6b½ 2w16,50314844
5FMPham Tran Gia PhucHCM 26w1 10b1 6w1 2b1 3w½ 7w½ 12b0 1w0 16b16035,55254
6CMDinh Nho KietHNO 32w1 11b1 5b0 20w1 15b1 1w½ 2b½ 4w½ 3w½60335144
7GMNguyen Van HuyHNO 27b1 8w½ 15b½ 25w1 19w1 5b½ 3w½ 2w0 18b1603247,544
8Vo Pham Thien PhucHCM 39w1 7b½ 4b½ 33w1 9w0 13b½ 22w½ 19b1 14w160294244
9GMNguyen Duc HoaQDO 22b½ 20w0 31b1 28w1 8b1 4w0 21b½ 23w1 12b1602743,555
10CMLe Huu ThaiLDO 37b1 5w0 28b½ 34w1 4b½ 15w½ 23b½ 20w1 13b½5,502741,535
11Nguyen Dinh TrungQDO 45b+ 6w0 29b½ 22b0 34w1 28w1 33b1 13w1 1b05,5026,54254
12Dang Anh MinhHCM 29b1 1w0 37b1 4w½ 13b½ 16w1 5w1 3b0 9w05028,548,544
13FMLe Minh HoangHCM 43b+ 21b1 2w0 17b½ 12w½ 8w½ 15b1 11b0 10w½50284734
14Nguyen Xuan VinhDON 44b+ 15w0 27b1 23w1 2b0 20w1 1b0 21w1 8b0502846,554
15Pham Phu QuangHCM 35w1 14b1 7w½ 19b½ 6w0 10b½ 13w0 24b½ 27w15027,542,534
16CMPham Xuan DatHNO 36w1 19b0 22w½ 24b1 21w½ 12b0 27w1 17b1 5w0502640,544
17Nguyen Huynh Tuan HaiDTH 34b1 4w½ 33b½ 13w½ 1b0 23w½ 29b1 16w0 31b15025,542,535
18FMNguyen Hoang NamQDO 41w1 2b0 24w0 32b1 26w1 19b0 30w1 22b1 7w050254054
19Tran Vo Quoc BaoHCM 46b+ 16w1 1b½ 15w½ 7b0 18w1 4b0 8w0 23b½4,50284934
20Nguyen Nam KietHNO 38w1 9b1 3w0 6b0 24w1 14b0 25w1 10b0 22w½4,5025,54544
21Nguyen Vuong Tung LamHNO 40b1 13w0 34b½ 29w1 16b½ 33w½ 9w½ 14b0 26w½4,50253824
22Tran Ngoc Minh DuyDON 9w½ 24b½ 16b½ 11w1 33b0 25w1 8b½ 18w0 20b½4,50244425
23Tran Quoc PhuDAN 2w0 41b1 36w1 14b0 30w1 17b½ 10w½ 9b0 19w½4,502440,534
24Nguyen Ha Thi HaiDAN 33b½ 22w½ 18b1 16w0 20b0 26b½ 34w1 15w½ 28b½4,502239,525
25Doan Van DucQDO 42w1 3b0 32w1 7b0 27w½ 22b0 20b0 37w1 33b14,5021,53845
26Vo Huynh ThienCTH 5b0 33w0 42b1 36w1 18b0 24w½ 28b½ 29w1 21b½4,501936,535
27Luong Duy LocDAN 7w0 39b1 14w0 35b1 25b½ 29w½ 16b0 33w1 15b04020,538,535
28Huynh Le Minh HoangHCM 3w0 42b1 10w½ 9b0 38w1 11b0 26w½ 30b½ 24w½4019,54124
29Nguyen Hoang ViKGI 12w0 30b1 11w½ 21b0 32w1 27b½ 17w0 26b0 36w14019,53934
30Lam Duc Hai NamDAN 1b0 29w0 40b1 37w1 23b0 31w1 18b0 28w½ 32b½4018,53835
31Nguyen Hoang HiepHNO 4b0 34w0 9w0 40b1 35w1 30b0 38w1 36b1 17w040163744
32ACMBui Quang HuyQDO 6b0 40w1 25b0 18w0 29b0 41w1 37b½ 34b1 30w½401634,535
33FMNgo Duc TriHNO 24w½ 26b1 17w½ 8b0 22w1 21b½ 11w0 27b0 25w03,502342,524
34Luong Giang SonTTH 17w0 31b1 21w½ 10b0 11b0 39w1 24b0 32w0 42b13,5016,53735
35Nguyen Viet DungKGI 15b0 36b0 41w1 27w0 31b0 37w0 40b1 39w1 38b½3,5012,52935
36Dang Hoang GiaKGI 16b0 35w1 23b0 26b0 39w½ 38b½ 42w1 31w0 29b03015,53325
37Bùi Quốc DuyKGI 10w0 38b1 12w0 30b0 42w0 35b1 32w½ 25b0 41w½301433,524
38Tran Cao ThienKGI 20b0 37w0 39w½ 41b1 28b0 36w½ 31b0 40w½ 35w½30132914
39Nguyen Doan Nhat ThienKGI 8b0 27w0 38b½ 42w½ 36b½ 34b0 41w½ 35b0 40w½2,50,51129,505
40Nguyen Tan SangKGI 21w0 32b0 30w0 31w0 41b1 42b½ 35w0 38b½ 39b½2,50,58,529,515
41Le Khac Hoang LongKGI 18b0 23w0 35b0 38w0 40w0 32b0 39b½ 42w1 37b½2143015
42Nguyen Minh QuangKGI 25b0 28w0 26w0 39b½ 37b1 40w½ 36b0 41b0 34w0201029,515
43Nguyen Tri ThinhKGI 13w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000040,500
Pham Quang HungKGI 14w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000040,500
Phan Ma Gia HuyKGI 11w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000040,500
Tran Tuong Quang DangKGI 19w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000040,500

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break4: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break5: Most black