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Riviera Congress 2023 Open pm

Last update 08.09.2023 11:18:05, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Arkell, Keith C400270ENG23904ncl Cheddleton
2Kett, Timothy J1801210WLS22054ncl West Is Best
3Jackson, Oliver A403156ENG2146Cheshire & N Wales *
4Gordon, Sean498793ENG2091Watford
5Bolt, Graham410438ENG2054Exeter
6Roberts, David L407720ENG2031Bracknell
7Dilleigh, Stephen P408379ENG2021Horfield & Redland
8Brown, Alan M409804ENG20194ncl Mk Phoenix
9Littlejohns, David P409731ENG1996Taunton
10Brusey, Alan W406880ENG1966Teignmouth
11Ingham, H William451096ENG1926Teignmouth
12Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H471046ENG1905Plymouth
13Thynne, Trefor F419893ENG1896Newton Abbot
14Morgan, Jamie451495GCI1894Cornwall Cca
15Barton, R Alan404233ENG1888Hastings & St Leonards
16Simpson, KevinENG1886Mansfield
17Abbott, Mark V419664ENG1884Exmouth
18Spanton, Tim R404802ENG1852Battersea
19Siddall, Dave416371ENG1831Carlisle Austin Friars
20Davis, Cameron481289ENG1809Exeter
21Lawrence, Spencer498831ENG1809Wiltshire *
22Woodward, Tim F425001ENG1806Trowbridge
23Moore, Gillian A411175ENG1727Southampton
24Jones, Gabriel488321ENG1613Lewisham
25Merchant, Thomas343422756ENG1565North Bristol