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II Haapsalu White Lady Chess Tournament - A

Last update 27.08.2023 12:22:26, Creator/Last Upload: Eesti Maleliit

Starting rank list of players

6GMNyback, Tomi504132FIN25720
7GMPultinevicius, Paulius12809390LTU25510
2GMNeiksans, Arturs11601388LAT25412556
9GMEhlvest, Jaan4500016USA25182580
3GMKulaots, Kaido4500261EST24830
5GMVolodin, Aleksander4501950EST24592521
8GMHellers, Ferdinand1700022SWE24572532
4GMMiezis, Normunds11600136LAT24262456
10GMAsanov, Bolat13700049KAZ24040
1IMNarva, Mai4500512EST23142383w