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Prázdninové Fischerky DDM Varnsdorf

Last update 23.08.2023 11:50:29, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of the Czech Republic

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Starting rank

1Sikora, Jakub23747862CZE1200TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.
2Berdar, AdamCZE0DDM Varnsdorf
3Čurda, MatyášCZE0DDM Varnsdorf
4Hamed, Hamza23755458CZE0TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.
5Lahučká, ZuzanaCZE0DDM Varnsdorf
6Oláhová, BlankaCZE0TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.
7Opočenská, Alexandra23747781CZE0TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.
8Stütz, OndřejCZE0DDM Varnsdorf
9Šlégl, JakubCZE0TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.
10Vacek, OndřejCZE0TJ Slovan Varnsdorf z.s.