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Open Rapid 22- 08- 2023 by A.C.C. ΠΑΡΑΒΟΛΟ: 5€

Last update 22.08.2023 19:57:51, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Koulouris, Evangelos25838156GRE2150
2Bonneville, Thaymour26052776FRA2135
3Tzortzatos, Dimosthenis Panagiot25827715GRE2032
4Poupalos, Nikolaos25875302GRE2003
5Nakas, Spyridon4211910GRE1688
6Foteinopoulos, Charalampos4279476GRE1605
7Gkekos, Ioannis42131227GRE1576
8Lykiardopoulos, Miltiadis4232798GRE1508
9Tsamtsouris, Efthymios25889095GRE1499
10Anisios, Markos4211723GRE1403
11Kyparidis, Samouil25830759GRE1375
12Vlatas, Dimitrios25864572GRE1344
13Nikolakis, Konstantinos42156548GRE1176
14Palios, Panteleimon42159024GRE1128
15Balsis, Dimitrios42177340GRE0
16Mystidis, Theofilos25884123GRE0
17Valzer, PatrickITA0