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2023 Marshall Chess Club Labor Day IM Norm Invitational

Last update 05.09.2023 02:17:32, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

8IMNemeth, MiklosHUN24432433
7IMBortnyk, MykolaUKR24102525
10GMYudasin, LeonidISR23852424
3FMRorrer, GraysonUSA22872343
2NMTanenbaum, ZacharyUSA22792384
4NMReiss, AidenUSA22302265
1NMYang, QindongCHN21972347
9FMJohnson, DonaldUSA21752271
5FMYanayt, EugeneUSA20842206
6Ho, CarterUSA20502162