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Edinburgh Dean Allegro Aug 2023

Last update 05.08.2023 17:41:22, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 3)

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Starting rank

1FMRuxton, Keith2400243SCO2302
2Browning, Isaac2409020SCO1993
3Gera, Marvin2409992SCO1882
4Leah, Tom450960ENG1881
5Chisholm, Mike2402220SCO1840
6Irving, Neil2402238SCO1804
7Paul, Rabindra2403048SCO1803
8Kane, Robert420468ENG1795
9Mckay, Jonathan2405512SCO1765
10Stewart, Ethan2410346SCO1730
11Sprenger De La Iglesia, Yevgeni54798175ESP1724
12Mccormack, Derek2406306SCO1681
13Ley Polanco, Chihon3444082CHI1680
14Hand, Jamie2409186SCO1645
15Mcgillivray, Calum2405407SCO1633
16Vadalia, Jainill2409399SCO1619
17Willder, Matthew2408538SCO1569
18Boggarapu, Kritan2411059SCO1554
19Mcnaught, Jordan J2410656SCO1539
20Deighan, Matthew J2411881SCO1514
21Theagarajan, Eswar45002223IND1386
22Nield, Christopher2410044SCO1355
23Rishikumar, S G48705349IND1263
24Mellon, Jack2413787SCO0
25Antunes, Andre1903292POR1898