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18th Cambridgeshire Rapidplay Open

Last update 24.09.2023 18:53:30, Creator/Last Upload:

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Starting rank

1IMMerry, Alan B418811ENG2518
2Ward, Ieuan C406627ENG2266
3Mihalik, Agoston719021HUN2256
4Jermy, Jaden459496ENG2119
5Shafi, Declan2405156SCO2084
6Hughes, Roy412481ENG2080
7See, Tristian436429ENG2065
8Cole, James431818ENG2059
9Davison, Chris407801ENG2037
10Herring, Sam Ac429767ENG2037
11Young, William444898ENG1993
12Hall, David E423734ENG1989
13See, Austin343429629ENG1966
14Myall, Ivan J425168ENG1962
15Redman, David J421782ENG1930
16Weersing, Abigail R460036ENG1919
17Pack, James438294ENG1859
18Evans, Ruben Nangalia472018ENG1853
19Lees, Nicholas444073ENG1777
20Lees, David343432298ENG1681