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Шахматные каникулы. Август 2023 B fide classic 0-1300

Last update 24.08.2023 15:22:01, Creator/Last Upload: Alexander

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Starting rank

1Glazkov, Kirill2431524227811RUS12071505
2Yunker, Alisa Genrietta40738155724353RUS12051569
3Shein, Andrey321324152684RUS11971107
4Barchuk, Ilya A39904855705359RUS11531511
5Malaya, Kristina46507255786111RUS11131451
6Rastegaev, Dmitriy Evg39070055720722RUS11021257
7Korolev, Matvey46806755769462RUS10881336
8Ziyash, Amir013750488KAZ10600
9Kuznetsoov, Timofei30491255763472RUS10371455
10Pagin, German40163955708714RUS01489
11Bezrukova, Olesya17910934351760RUS01265
12Yunker, German46029555786286RUS01236
13Yunker, Gleb46029655786294RUS01130
14Chalaya, Alexandra U42277355767818RUS01108