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Round 1 will start at 05:00 PM
In Emergencies please contact - Prateek Chandwani- 7869328904 ,Mukund - 9407190524

International Chess Day ( 20 July 5 pm ) Blitz Indore Venue - Phoenix Citadel Mall 1 St floor in front of Geetanjali Salon , Indore

Last update 20.07.2023 16:18:58, Creator: ChessBase India,Last Upload: yashpal arora

Player info

NameDitvi, Shrotriya
Starting rank25
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating0
Year of birth 2013


12556Umesh, Sharma0IND5- 0K
22443Samayra, Dabkara0IND2- 0K
32738Purvi, Arora0IND2- 0K
42823Dhruv, Singh0IND3,5- 0K
52961yashraj, Singh0IND2,5- 0K
630-bye- --- 1
72748Shehzan, Khan0IND3- 0K