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Torbay Chess Congress (55th) - Foundation U1500

Last update 13.11.2023 14:19:09, Creator/Last Upload: Tony Tatam

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Starting rank

1White, Nicholas E259442ENG1479High Wycombe
2Swann, Ollie347016ENG1477Swindon
3Pope, Michael R249525ENG1468Salisbury
4Sillence Davis, Michael352307ENG1467Bristol & Clifton
5Farms, Edward342228ENG1452Wells
6Edwards, David346770ENG1428Barnstaple
7Smith, Daniel345258ENG1426Colyton Grammar School
8Russ, Spencer349905ENG1424 -
9Raabe Branch, Daniel355123ENG1414Exeter En Peasants
10Tomlin, Dave350048ENG1402Forest Of Dean
11Wright, George A330672ENG1360Oxford City
12Blackwell, David318706ENG1346Battersea
13Russell, Lloyd320016ENG1344Bude
14Tekniepe, T Klaus296406ENG1335Plymouth
15Labouchardiere, Andre316859ENG1297Weymouth
16Clarke, Susan311695ENG1294 -
17Welch, Hazel104846ENG1247Seaton
18Walsh, Shaun271280ENG1237Downend & Fishponds
19Saunois, Anthony341539ENG1190Hackney
20Hankey, Neil311021ENG1177Alsager
21Forty, Joe348184ENG1158Torquay BGS
22Marr, Alasdair348744ENG1124Torquay BGS
23Cubbon, Robin J140842ENG1084Sidmouth
24Ballantyne, Richard J259398ENG0 -
25Flanagan, Lucy360014ENG0Exeter En Peasants
26Fullam, Rosie360986ENG0 -
27Hammond, Rhys361338ENG0Newton Abbot
28Hocking, Toby361075ENG0Teignmouth
29Jarman, Lennon361339ENG0Newton Abbot
30McIlroy, James359844ENG0Exeter En Peasants
31Medhurst, Reubin361645ENG0Bude
32Nelson, Leon360419ENG0Wells
33Sleight, Oliver355566ENG0Plymouth
34Stream, Leo361606ENG0Totnes