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Cleethorpes Rapidplay 2023 - Open

Last update 27.06.2023 10:55:21, Creator/Last Upload: SGreep

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Starting rank

1Daniel W Gormally406465ENG25644ncl Blackthorne Russia
2Gediminas Sarakauskas12800724LTU23554ncl Guildford
3Artem Lutsko14188767UKR2342Ukraine
4Samuel A Milson418838ENG2338Sheffield Nomads
5Stephen Cv Prior423378ENG2229Grantham
6Andrei Ciuravin14191474ENG2134Hull
7Kamila Hryshchenko14147491ENG2089Hull
8Joe Kilshaw409979ENG2074Appleby Frodingham
9Maksym Larchikov34120815UKR2058Hull
10Alex Royle494143ENG2024Louth
11Martin Pettinger343409431ENG1863Rolls Royce Derby
12Joe Varley461962ENG1812Hull
13Jael J De Sousa Muachikape475530ENG1698Alwoodley
14Thomas StewartENG0Lincolnshire *