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Dartmouth Summer Chess (1) 2023

Last update 15.06.2023 23:00:17, Creator/Last Upload: Tony Tatam

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Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

14Thynne, Trefor FENG1891Newton Abbot5,5
23Brusey, Alan WENG2005Newton Abbot5
31Levy, Steven JENG2036South Hams4
46Collins, Chris MENG1697Totnes4
511Sugden, FreddieENG1531Newton Abbot4
62Brooks, PaulENG2007Newton Abbot3,5
714Peach, Clifford BENG1451South Hams3,5
87Wilkinson, Ben RENG1687South Hams3,5
98Doidge, CharlesENG1631Teignmouth3
1016Hussey, MichaelENG1405Newton Abbot3
115Black, CatherineENG1757South Hams2,5
1213Crickmore, E AlanENG1463Plymouth2,5
1312Davies, Alan HENG1484South Hams2,5
18Thomas, RichardENG1307South Hams2,5
159McConnell, Phil JENG1624South Hams2,5
1615Greenhalgh, RoyENG1449South Hams2,5
1710Cuggy, Mike JENG1570Brixham2
1817Hurt, TrevorENG1395South Hams2
1919Howarth, LanceENG1229South Hams1