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Majstrovstva MERCURY BA, 15.5.2023 A

Last update 15.05.2023 11:32:37, Creator/Last Upload: Slovak Chess Federation license 4

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Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
117Lukianov, MykhailoSVK1000Mercury I. stupen722,5281800
223Patay, DanielSVK1000Mercury I. stupen5,52123,51230
316Labanc, TimonSVK1000Mercury I. stupen5,519,5221230
44Danis, LukasSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,52319,51102
525Rosenberger, AgataSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,521,518,51102
66Detsiura, BohdanSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,52118,51102
724Rosenberger, AdamSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,519,520,51102
822Oremus, KristofSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,51916,51102
933Vinc, LeonardSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,517,516,51057
1013Kostura, MelitaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen4,516,516,51102
1114Krajcovic, MaxSVK1000Mercury I. stupen420181050
1220Misik, FilipSVK1000Mercury I. stupen41916,51050
1326Sasinka, MiaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen416,5141050
1428Sima, JanSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,519,515,51000
1510Janco, MattiSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,51914,51000
168Fried, TheoSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,518,514,51000
177Fernandes, LisaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,518,511,51000
1832Tomasovic, LukasSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,51712,5943
1911Kos, MaxSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,516141000
2019Miklos, PeterSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,515,5151000
2130Smahel, MiaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen3,51411943
2215Kremmer, SebastianSVK1000Mercury I. stupen318,516950
27Sima, AlexSVK1000Mercury I. stupen318,516950
2431Spuchliak, NikolasSVK1000Mercury I. stupen31610,5950
2529Skorychenko, ArtemSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,516,511,5898
263Czafikova, KristinaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,51410898
2712Kosanic, TaraSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,5136,5807
285Destefanis, AlessiaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,5129898
299Halgasova, OliviaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,5117,5807
3018Mazgut, AdamSVK1000Mercury I. stupen2,59,55,5807
312Cerny, MichalSVK1000Mercury I. stupen21711842
321Brokhina, EkaterinaSVK1000Mercury I. stupen216,59842
3321Mrenica, MartinSVK1000Mercury I. stupen1,5126,5599

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break