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Livingson Allegro Open 14.5.2023

Last update 14.05.2023 18:50:12, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 3)

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Starting rank

1Browning, Isaac2409020SCO1993
2Newton, Andrew2403285SCO1939
3Montgomery, James R2401860SCO1919
4Gera, Marvin2409992SCO1882
5Leah, Tom450960ENG1881
6Deepak Ambattu, Rithvik2410060SCO1869
7Cheng, Louis2410389SCO1771
8Cornes, Brendan2512629IRL1763
9Ley Polanco, Chihon3444082CHI1680
10Hand, Jamie2409186SCO1645
11Kumar, Ishan2408554SCO1613
12Boggarapu, Kritan2411059SCO1554
13Mcnaught, Jordan J2410656SCO1539
14Deighan, Matthew J2411881SCO1514
15Mckinnon, Scott2409879SCO1501
16Muirhead, Alastair2410273SCO1360
17Al Dakl Alla, Muhammad2409712SCO1329
18Lane, Alex2410672SCO1311
19Rodger, Cullen2413248SCO0