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Torneig Sant Miquel d'Engolasters 2023

Last update 07.05.2023 12:36:40, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1GMDe La Riva Aguado, Oscar6900224AND2422
2GMHenderson De La Fuente, Lance32096585AND2416
3Gonzalez Garcia, Marc2222744ESP2234
4Mateu Guiu, Esteve22270728AND2098
5CMLuke Brezmes, Cristofer2274477AND2096
6FMGarcia Paolicchi, Raul6900020AND2095
7CMRibera Veganzones, Josep Maria6900763AND2041
8CMRibera Veganzones, Serni6900860AND2004
9Pericas Rechi, Marc22271279AND1746
10De La Riva Real, Ariadna6901018AND1572
11Henderson, Matthew Franklin32096593AND1536
12Perez Cortes, Bonifacio6901425AND1468
13Rivero Rechi, Pol6901590AND1392
14Montoliu Montes, Joaquim6900097AND1375
15Perez Escuredo, Nicolas6901271AND1331
16Ercoli, Andria45166412AND1262
17Perez Escuredo, Bonifacio6901360AND1256
18De La Riva Real, Jana6901131AND1156
19Pastor Jorda, Nerea32049056AND1067
20Altimir Prieto, AritzAND0
21Batiste Bonet, AlbertAND0
22Bellera Loan, BielAND0
23Guil Fite, Aleix6901522AND0
24Habib Puigcercos, NabilAND0
25Hernando Moreno, CarlesAND0
26Joval Garcia, ClaudiaAND0
27Joval Garcia, JuliaAND0
28Requena Turigas, GuillemAND0
29Reyes Sirkia, Gael6901573AND0
30Rodriguez Alameda, LlucAND0
31Rodriguez Mateos, RafaelAND0
32Shai, Yiftach6901581AND0