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Caissa Hotel Chess Tournament Yasemin Group

Last update 27.04.2023 23:09:14, Creator/Last Upload: Balikesir TCF

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. B Team (RtgAvg:2405, TB1: 14,5 / TB2: 11)
1IMGokerkan, Cem Kaan2489TUR6336760½½½½011½½592436
2IMErdogmus, Yagiz Kaan2454TUR44599790½1½1½½1½½692436
3FMCitak, Selim2272TUR6301819½0½½0½½½½3,592436
  2. C Team (RtgAvg:2505, TB1: 14 / TB2: 10)
1GMRomanov, Evgeny2578NOR414884311½½1½½1½6,592403
2GMAnisimov, Pavel2523MNE4135229½1½½01½½½592403
3GMNikcevic, Nebojsa2414MNE90177600½010½0½2,592403
  3. D Team (RtgAvg:2393, TB1: 13 / TB2: 8)
1FMKhayrullin, Denis2351RUS41446940½0½½0½½½392440
2FMAtakhan, Abtin2410IRI22502203½00011½½½492440
3FMHakemi, Arman2419IRI2252080511½½1½½½½692440
  4. A Team (RtgAvg:2410, TB1: 12,5 / TB2: 7)
1IMIsik, Alparslan2436TUR34506896½0111½½1½692434
2FMEren, Ataberk2380TUR6349765½01½0½00½392434
3FMAgdelen, Huseyin Can2413TUR6352260½1½½000½½3,592434