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Five-round ECF-rated Swiss tournament (24-28 August, 2023) with two games per round against the same opponent. Held at Forest Hall Social Club, Newcastle upon Tyne. For players rated under 1400 ECF or with no ECF rating.

Northumbria Foundation 2023

Last update 30.08.2023 00:51:03, Creator/Last Upload: T.P. Wall

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Starting rank

1Appleby, Jay3452321409St Marys School Northumberland
2Gifford, Aaron3451361388Newcastle *
3Singh, Adamjeet3484451379Leeds JCA
4Thomas, John3505841348Forest Hall
5Solomon, Jonathan3287211329Forest Hall
6Singh, Amandeep3484461140Bradford *
7Sewart, Daniel3466141106Durham City
8Wu, Jiatong3192031028Forest Hall
9Rao, Saachi310339957wCrowthorne
10Bunyan-Carroll, Danny00Forest Hall
11Purves, Toby3585850Forest Hall
12Nargund, Soumya3426421315wRichmond Juniors
13Khoury, Wadih3413880Maidenhead Juniors
14Kandasamy, Venkatesen00St. Benildus (IRL)
15Singh, Jatinder3524751222Bradford *