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First Saturday FM Tournament march 2023

Last update 14.03.2023 08:00:54, Creator/Last Upload: Sahovski Savez Vojvodine

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. B Team Lower Elo (RtgAvg:1631, TB1: 19,5 / TB2: 16)
1Attila, Szlenka1544HUN770299S50100½½1½1½591512954,830,17203,4
2Tibor Dr., Csiba1552HUN770035½½½11½101691512964,951,052021
3FMTamas, Hradeczky1798HUN701467S65½111111118,59151298,57,131,372027,4
  2. A Team Higher Elo (RtgAvg:1512, TB1: 7,5 / TB2: 2)
1Jayakumar, Jeswin1512IND33429880U080½0½00½102,59163192,53,18-0,6840-27,2
2Jayakumar, Joswin1295IND48721450U08½0100000½291631921,230,774030,8
3V L, Santhosh1730IND48721506U10½1½0½½000391631935,64-2,6440-105,6