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Cupa Vacantei de Iarna - U14

Last update 18.02.2023 13:03:06, Creator/Last Upload:

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Starting rank

1ILeu Dragos Stefan4180775ROU1810CSM Galati
2IIAnghel Andreea-Roberta4003755ROU1108ACS Master Mind Bucuresti
3IIIonita Mario-Alexandru4180893ROU1090CSM Galati
4IIRadu Victor Mihai4090708ROU1072CS Micul Print Braila
5FCBacu Matei4004058ROU1001ACS Casa Sahului Bucuresti
6Ceausu Andrei-Cristian4090789ROU1001CS Micul Print Braila
7Coman Lia-Alexandra4180930ROU1001CSM Galati
8Marchidan Eduard Nicolae4090784ROU1001CS Micul Print Braila
9Maris Sergiu Nicolae4090787ROU1001CS Micul Print Braila
10Ruse Stelica Neculai4090785ROU1001CS Micul Print Braila
11Bogdan Luca0ROU0CS Micul Print Braila
12Iorga Alex0ROU0
13Petrescu Mihnea0ROU0CS Micul Print Braila
14Rustariu Sebastian0ROU0CS Micul Print Braila