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Maplewood Invitational

Last update 19.11.2022 22:04:21, Creator/Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34)


Round 1 on 2022/11/14 at 18h00
11IMSai Krishna G V0 - 1GMSambuev Bator10
22IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn½ - ½IMNoritsyn Nikolay9
33IMLiang Jason½ - ½GMKantans Toms8
44GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo0 - 1GMBosiocic Marin7
55IMPlotkin Mark0 - 1IMSamsonkin Artiom6
Round 2 on 2022/11/15 at 09h00
110GMSambuev Bator½ - ½IMSamsonkin Artiom6
27GMBosiocic Marin1 - 0IMPlotkin Mark5
38GMKantans Toms½ - ½GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo4
49IMNoritsyn Nikolay½ - ½IMLiang Jason3
51IMSai Krishna G V0 - 1IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn2
Round 3 on 2022/11/15 at 15h00
12IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn1 - 0GMSambuev Bator10
23IMLiang Jason1 - 0IMSai Krishna G V1
34GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo1 - 0IMNoritsyn Nikolay9
45IMPlotkin Mark1 - 0GMKantans Toms8
56IMSamsonkin Artiom0 - 1GMBosiocic Marin7
Round 4 on 2022/11/16 at 09h00
110GMSambuev Bator0 - 1GMBosiocic Marin7
28GMKantans Toms½ - ½IMSamsonkin Artiom6
39IMNoritsyn Nikolay1 - 0IMPlotkin Mark5
41IMSai Krishna G V1 - 0GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo4
52IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn0 - 1IMLiang Jason3
Round 5 on 2022/11/16 at 15h00
13IMLiang Jason½ - ½GMSambuev Bator10
24GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo½ - ½IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn2
35IMPlotkin Mark1 - 0IMSai Krishna G V1
46IMSamsonkin Artiom1 - 0IMNoritsyn Nikolay9
57GMBosiocic Marin0 - 1GMKantans Toms8
Round 6 on 2022/11/17 at 12h00
110GMSambuev Bator1 - 0GMKantans Toms8
29IMNoritsyn Nikolay½ - ½GMBosiocic Marin7
31IMSai Krishna G V½ - ½IMSamsonkin Artiom6
42IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn0 - 1IMPlotkin Mark5
53IMLiang Jason1 - 0GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo4
Round 7 on 2022/11/18 at 09h00
14GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo1 - 0GMSambuev Bator10
25IMPlotkin Mark0 - 1IMLiang Jason3
36IMSamsonkin Artiom1 - 0IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn2
47GMBosiocic Marin½ - ½IMSai Krishna G V1
58GMKantans Toms0 - 1IMNoritsyn Nikolay9
Round 8 on 2022/11/18 at 15h00
110GMSambuev Bator½ - ½IMNoritsyn Nikolay9
21IMSai Krishna G V0 - 1GMKantans Toms8
32IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn0 - 1GMBosiocic Marin7
43IMLiang Jason1 - 0IMSamsonkin Artiom6
54GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo1 - 0IMPlotkin Mark5
Round 9 on 2022/11/19 at 12h00
15IMPlotkin Mark1 - 0GMSambuev Bator10
26IMSamsonkin Artiom0 - 1GMOrtiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo4
37GMBosiocic Marin½ - ½IMLiang Jason3
48GMKantans Toms0 - 1IMRodrigue-Lemieux Shawn2
59IMNoritsyn Nikolay1 - 0IMSai Krishna G V1
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