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The Bermuda Rapid Chess Tournament 2022

Last update 08.12.2022 01:54:33, Creator/Last Upload: BermudaChess

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Starting rank

1CMFlanagan Mark8800880BER1875
2CMLill Sami8800170BER1853
3CMGontcharov Serguei8800871BER1839
4CMDacres Don8800820BER1797
5Cooper Gary8800022BER1780
6Place Wolde8801339BER1649
7Warren Jamel8800650BER1490
8ACMGontcharov Dimitri8800979BER1456
9Davis Brian8800910BER1414
10AFMFlanagan Dylan8801207BER1279
11AFMFlanagan Odin8801193BER1187
12Burton Richard8800278BER0
13Butterfield Lyle8801789BER0
14Dennis Nathan14346877RSA0
15Douglas Melvin8801916BER0
16Guanzon Christian8801908BER0
17Serratore David8801894BER0