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4th ESNA Individual Championship 2022

Last update 01.10.2022 19:03:18, Creator: Liechtensteiner Schachverband,Last Upload: Fédération luxembourgeoise des Échecs

Starting rank list of players

2GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance32096585AND2504
4GMEfimov Igor806404MNC2360
6FMMichaelides Konstantinos5901871CYP2304
1IMBerend Fred4000102LUX2300
8Apol Luitjen Akselsson7202466FAI2113
5CMKirby Peter J.409014GCI2011
3Carpenter Paul A.408930JCI1986
7FMVolpinari Danilo11800054SMR1929
9Frick Renato12000027LIE1875
10Mizzi Jack5602521MLT1863