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9-round GM norm all-play-all tournament, 26-30 August 2022, at St Mary's Catholic School, Newcastle upon Tyne (Average rating: 2380+, GM norm 7/9)

Northumbria GM All-Play-All

Last update 31.08.2022 22:02:10, Creator/Last Upload: T.P. Wall

Starting rank list of players

8GMHebden Mark L400084ENG2476
2GMMaksimenko Andrei14100584UKR2424
9IMWadsworth Matthew J415804ENG2418
4GMLalic Bogdan409081CRO2415
7FMWillow Jonah B438804ENG2393
5FMGrieve Harry426520ENG2390
6FMO'gorman Tom2508249IRL2389
10FMHan Yichen1054430NED2332
3FMMakkar Rajat36016810FRA2300
1FMMoreby James427756ENG2300