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9-round IM norm all-play-all tournament, 26-30 August 2022, at St Mary's Catholic School, Newcastle upon Tyne. (Average rating: 2283+, IM norm 6.5/9)

Northumbria IM All-Play-All

Last update 03.09.2022 19:44:01, Creator/Last Upload: T.P. Wall

Starting rank list of players

10FMFischer Daniel1328360SUI2373
2IMDunnington Angus J400432SCO2361
9FMClaridge-Hansen William422509ENG2345
5FMOlson Hamish2404257SCO2343
4IMWall Gavin2501244IRL2306
7IMLarge Peter G400866ENG2298
3CMDong Bao Nghia12400343VIE2294
1CMTurner Max N447722ENG2247
6Stoyanov Viktor450308ENG2246
8CMBalaji Aaravamudhan436224ENG2194