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Boden Open 2022 - Group A (1800- ELO-rating)

Senast uppdaterad23.08.2022 21:36:27, Creator/Last Upload: NSF

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1IMHermansson Emil1701878SWE2439Boden SK
2Nygren David1704761SWE2162SK Rockaden Umea
3Liden Tommy1708589SWE2057SS Lulea
4Pettersson Tobias1705962SWE2038SS Luleå
5Jensen Stein1500724NOR2031
6Eriksson Roland1709364SWE2028Boden SK
7Hart Alexander1735829SWE2023SS Luleå
8Larsen Andreas1504843NOR1954
9Andersson Soren1737899SWE1896SS Luleå
10Hagevi Vidar1767526SWE1896Sundsvalls SS