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The Irish Weekday Open 2022

Last update 08.07.2022 17:19:46, Creator/Last Upload: IvanBaburin

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Starting rank

1Melaugh Gavin2509571IRL2020
2Novak Vjekoslav14511584CRO1703
3McAree James2508893IRL1581
4Honner Mervyn2504847IRL1479
5Fitzpatrick Kevin2505886IRL1476
6Connell Kris2516799IRL1469
7Lievens Karel2513102IRL1465
8Dimitrov Nikolai2511649IRL1463
9Henrick BasilIRL1208
10Henning Lubberding Hans2518066IRL945
11Williams Henry2520060IRL886
12Gubala Max2518252IRL850
13Melay James2519224IRL725
14Ducker Chris2516470IRL703
15Kesare Aarav2518848IRL0
16Kelbas DariyIRL0
17Gleeson Eavan2520214IRL0
18Pinas Ihor34160388UKR0
19Maguire Tallann2520257IRL0
20Syms Thomas2518597IRL0