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Nacka-Värmdö KM HT 2022

Last update 14.12.2022 22:06:07, Creator/Last Upload: NackaSchack

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Starting rank

1Hjelmberg Nicholas1747363SWE1709
2Olofsson Jon1772368SWE1568
3Sahlberg Christer1746081SWE1511
4Öhman Jan1722603SWE1469
5Sätherblom Marco1747320SWE1465
6Tuomainen Jouni1723227SWE1438
7Ahlström JensSWE0
8Eriksson Staffan1713582SWE1564
9Johansson Mikael1773992SWE0
10Karlsson Sven-Ake1772376SWE1539
11Nylund Magnus1712799SWE1539
12Tillquist RobinSWE0